How We GREW a brand new E-comMERCE Site From Scratch, Then Scaled It To a ROAS of 11.3 in 2 Months!

We were approached to create a completely digital marketing campaign for an online Farmers’ Market that could host over 600+ individual stallholders and make it profitable within a month. Here’s how we did it with the power of conversational marketing.


The Victorian Country Market is an initiative of the Handshake Agency, supported by the Victorian Government, conceived to help create income for regional producers ravaged first by drought and bushfires, then a pandemic.

Our role was to execute a completely digital marketing campaign that catered to the overarching brand, but also serviced the 600+ vendors without showing favour to a particular vendor.

We needed to make this profitable as soon as possible to provide much-needed revenue for these vendors unable to trade as normal due to lockdown.

No existing social pages. No email lists.


Our pre-launch strategy involved using our conversational audience tool (Chatbot) to enrich the emails we gathered with profiling data so our follow up EDM’s were tailored to the user based on their future buying preferences. This is similar to what most marketers would do post-purchase, except we pre-profile our potential buyers conversationally.

Using the gamification capabilities of our audience tool we were able to fast-track growing our socials going from literally 0 to 11K super engaged followers in just a couple of weeks and we were ready for launch 🚀

Knowing what our ‘soon to be’ purchasers were most likely to buy on the site, we serviced our launch email list with content we knew were relevant to them rather than a generic one size fits all email resulting in super high open and click-through rates.

Our digital media buying strategy used the same profiling to serve tailored ads to the feeds of these people if they were in our warm data segments, as well as helping us to be more refined from the get-go with our cold targeting.


Thanks to the effort we put into our pre-launch profiling, we ended week 1 of launch with a Lifetime ROAS (return on ad spend) of 8. This ad spend also included everything we spent in pre-profiling and awareness phase.

In less than two months from the launch campaign, we were able to scale to a ROAS of 11.3 🤯

The success of the launch and subsequent relief it provided to Victorian producers caught the attention of the right people and the Victorian Country Markets became a part of the Vic Gov’s ‘Click for Vic’ campaign run by Visit Victoria.


Our involvement included:

  • Brand strategy and insights
  • Multi-channel digital marketing
  • Advanced audience profiling and data enrichment
  • Social media advance
  • Email marketing

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